Program in Leadership and Conflict Transformation

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Modeled on the Artsbridge, Inc. programs run in the United States over the last 10 years, PLCT draws together college aged students from Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the United States of America. Twenty students will be carefully selected to participate in a two-week long leadership program located on the ECSWP campus in Zagreb, Croatia. 



Interacting in a neutral environment, students will have the unique opportunity to engage in dialogue and creative communication, learn valuable skills in conflict transformation, and develop a greater understanding of the roots of conflict, as well as the attitudes and practices that create a foundation for peace.




Dialogue sessions are held daily and provide the opportunity to learn a unique, constructive dialogue method that allows for a deeper understanding of the narratives of those whose lives have been impacted by conflict.


Daily art sessions give students the opportunity to express themselves through visual arts and film making.


Regular field trips take students to local sites around Zagreb and the beautiful Croatian coast, as well as offering a variety of interactive activities. 


- College aged students, aged 19-25, who are motivated to learn skills in constructive conflict transformation, learn about the ‘other’ and develop a deeper understanding of the roots and impact of conflict.      

-Students interested in the creative process, but who do not necessarily have extensive art experience.      

-Students from fields as broad as fine arts and business, political science and social work will find this program useful for succeeding personally, professionally and academically. Conflict management skills learned at PLCT are transferable to a number of professional contexts and daily life situations.


The fee for this two week program is $1,500, which includes tuition, room and board, and all land costs during the program. The fee does not include airfare or transportation to the program in Zagreb. PLCT will arrange for air travel for students and will add that cost to the fees. Some scholarship is available. Please send a request to for further information.


This is a joint program between Artsbridge Inc. and the European Center for the Study of War and Peace.

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