International Summer Leadership Program Application

Summer 2019

Application for Israeli & Palestinian Students

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Date of Birth
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Passport Expiration Date (Passports must be valid until March 1, 2020 or later)
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Please Name 2 references who are not related to you.
Please list 2 references and their email address that we may contact to discuss your application. These references should be a teacher, advisor, coach, or community leader. Please do NOT list a family member or friends.
Please email letters of recommendation from the above 2 references within one week of submitting your application.
Email them to: info@artsbridgeinstitute.org
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Essay Questions
Please answer all questions and write your answers in English. We realize that English might not be your native language so you will not be judged on the quality of your writing skills. However, we would like to get to know you better. Please use your imagination!
Please review your answers carefully. Once you click the submit button you will not be able to go back and make changes. It is also highly recommended that you save a copy of your answers.
Scholarship Information
Tuition for the summer program is $2,000. This is a small portion of the actual cost of the program per student. However, we do not want any accepted student to be turned away for financial reasons. Therefore, we do offer scholarships to students who need it. We cannot guarantee that you will receive the full amount of your request. If your family will need a scholarship in order for you to participate, please check the box below and we will send you an application form.
Will you be applying for a scholarship?